$150,000 - $250,000

A great selection of attractive homes at an even more attractive price. Ideal for smaller sites and smaller families, with the same modern style that you'll find across our entire range.

Please note: price range is indicative of construction costs only, on a standard level section, and does not include the cost of land. Final costings are dependent on several variables including choices in cladding, fittings and glazing, geography of the site, etc.

Waikanae Render 600px


The Waikanae is an afforable and comfortable home with a centralised fireplace, plus exceptional 180° views and courtyard surround.

Riversdale Render 600px


The ‘Riversdale’ is a traditional brick home, compact and simple in form making it a smart build for anyone.

Papamoa Render 600px


The ‘Papamoa’ is a traditional brick home designed to complement most section shapes and provide a carefree living style.

Kaikohe Render 600px


The ‘Kaikohe’ is an affordable 4 bedroom home with great open plan living and generous storage space.

Napier Render 600px


The ‘Napier’ comes with a modern appeal and unique exterior aesthetic and is large enough to accommodate guests.